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The locking device HD-Lock CAN-Bus Modbus has been designed for high requirements. High quality, high lifetime, outstanding robustness and intelligence is achieved by using robust V4A stainless steel housing in relation with a high quality bruhless motor. The device can be controlled via static signals or serially via CAN-Bus or Modbus protocol with application of device addresses.

The functionality of the static signals is parametrisable via bus protocol (e.g. rising or falling edge, level high active, level low active etc.). Also, there is a separate potential-free output (reed contact) integrated to perform additional and independent door monitoring (eg. fire alarm system).

Many "Smart Home" functionalities and parameters can be applied and analysed if desired.

A striking plate set for the bolt is included in the scope of delivery. The striking plate set consists of a toothed striking plate and a toothed base plate. The toothed striking plate set allows easy adjustment to the installation conditions. Inaccuracies can be compensated without much rework on the door frame or door.

  • For high demands in the areas of shipping and offshore systems

Product overview

Art.Nr.Description Undiscounted sales price / piece Availability
102000.2 Locking Device Heavy Duty (HD) Lock 1,490.00 EUR
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Product Features

  • CAN-Bus compatibility
  • Modbus compatibility
  • Separate potential-free output (reed contact)
  • Low in noise
  • Standby current of approx. 52mA extended bolt
  • Feedback of bolt position
  • Feedback of door status
  • Electrical control via static signals or serially via Modbus protocol
  • Intelligent electrical control integrated
  • Balancing of changes in Power Supply
  • Retry of locking when blocked
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Stainless steel bolt
  • Bolt retraction in case of voltage breakdown
  • High protection class (IP 65) and seawater resistant
  • High-quality appearance
  • Short-circuit protected
  • High holding force if bolt is extended completely

Product Video

The locking device HD-Lock has been designed for use in doors, hatches, garage doors and rolling gates. Industrial applications with high requirements as well as applications in the maritime area can be covered with this product.

Product Data

Power supply / Operation Voltage Range:
10 bis 30 V DC
Standby power consumption (input is not aktiv):
approx. 22 mA
Current supply required while locking and blockage:
max. 190 mA / 24 V
Holding current supply at extended bolt:
55 mA / 24 V
Input current supply required to activate the input:
0,2 mA
Minimum pulse lenght for the inputs:
20 msec
25 mA
Bolt diameter:
12 mm
Bolt locking lenght:
19 mm
Shear strength of the bolt:
15 KN
Closing / opening time without load:
< 0,5 sec
Closing force:
2 N
Retraction force without power supply:
1.2 N
Operating temperature / Storage temperature range:
-15° C … +60° C / -20° C … +70° C
Protection Class:
IP 65
Weight with connection cables, without counterpart:
approx. 0.56 kg
Cable length:
0.15 m
Cable properties:
flame-retardant, seawater-resistant, recyclable, LABS-free, RoHs-compliant, acid and alkali-resistant, ozone-resistant, UV-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, drag-chain-compatible, torsion-proof, welding spark-resistant, halogen-free, silicone-free, oil-resistant
Material of housing:
Stainless Steel 1.4404 (316 L)
Material of bolt:
Stainless Steel 1.4404 (316 L)

Warranty : 36 Monate

Scope Of Delivery : HD-Lock Electromechanical Locking Device, HD-Lock Counterpart with toothed striking plate and toothed base plate, Pocket HD-Lock, 4 Screws, Mirror polished front plate

Information : Price is not discountable and based on an order quantity of 100 pieces.

Graduated Price Info : For this article, there are volume related prices available.



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