Our products

BSS develops and produces high-quality and technically future-oriented security devices for various security areas.


Competence-based improvement of our products and services increases performance in the security market.
We try to support proactive action by transferring resources and skills to new products and markets. This creates clout and flexibility also in new fields of application.

Our expectations of our products

  • Made in Germany

    The assembly and quality assurance of our products are carried out in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  • ISO-tested and -certified

    We are certified according to ISO Norm 9001.
  • Quality assurance according to the strictest specifications

    Our product tests during assembly include up to 20 test steps.
  • Sustainable raw materials

    Sustainability and reusable raw materials are increasingly coming into focus - also at BSS.
Your contact at BSS
Jörg Bauer

Production Manager, Products, Technical Support

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