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The Electromechanical Locking Device EasyBlocker25 is used to lock garages, roller doors and slatted shutters. The massive housing is easy to install. The locking bolt has a diameter of 8 mm and extends up to 25 mm. It is recommended that two locking elements are used when securing gates. This avoids twisting the doors when misused.

  • According to DIN EN 50131-1
  • VdS-C (G196089)

Product overview

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108325.0 Locking Device EasyBlocker25 328.00 EUR
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Product Features

  • Feedback of locking bolt position
  • Intelligent integrated controller
  • Low power consumption
  • Controlling with static and dynamic signals
  • Several locking elements are cascadable
  • Several locking attempts, shutdown when blocked

Product Data

Power Supply Voltage:
7 to 15 V DC
Power Consumption when in rest:
approx. 1,2 mA
Power Consumption when closing:
approx. 35 mA
Power Consumption when blocking:
approx. 150 mA
Required power to activate input:
average < 3 mA (controlling toward 0 V)
Minimum pulse duration at input:
> 50 ms
Capacity of the feedback output:
max. 50 mA
Locking bolt stroke:
25 mm
Time for Closing/Opening:
1 s
Clamping force:
> 5 N with 14 V DC operating supply voltage
Connecting cable:
LiYDY 9 x 0,14 mm² with isolation, 3,5 m
Locking Bolt:
Stainless Steel, Diameter of 8 mm
Operating temperature:
-25 °C to +60 °C
Environmental class:
IP protection class:
Length of Mounting Flange:
220 mm
Strength of Mounting Flange:
10 mm
0,72 kg
Measure Housing (L x W x H):
170 x 26 x 61 mm

Warranty : 36 Months

Scope Of Delivery : Electromechanical Locking Device, Drilling Template, Counterparts, Screws



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