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Unintended entrance to secured areas can be avoided with the electromechanical Locking Device EasyBlocker12. Magnetic switches give feedback about the switching state at all times. There is no need to have a separate controlling unit installed, therefore the device is usable with almost any existing system.

  • According to DIN EN 50131-1
  • VdS-C (G197051)
  • VdS-B (G197541(MK))

Product overview

Art.Nr.Description Undiscounted sales price / piece Availability
108320.2 Locking Device EasyBlocker12, Battery version 223.90 EUR
108320.22 Locking Device EasyBlocker12, Battery version, with integrated VdS-B magnetic contact, with 10m cable 238.30 EUR
108320.3 Locking Device EasyBlocker12, Battery version, without integrated VdS-B magnetic contact, with 3,5m cable 218.70 EUR
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Product Features

  • Works with every burglar alarm system
  • Integrated magnetic switch VdS-classification B
  • Feedback of locking bolt position
  • Intelligent integrated controller
  • Low power consumption
  • Controlling with static and dynamic signals
  • Several locking elements are cascadable
  • Several locking attempts, shutdown when blocked

Product Data

Power Supply Voltage:
7 to 15 V DC
Power Consumption when in rest:
approx. 27 μA
Power Consumption when closing:
approx. 35 mA
Required power to activate input:
average < 3 mA (controlling toward 0 V)
Minimum pulse duration at input:
> 50 ms
Capacity of the feedback output:
max. 50 mA
Locking bolt stroke:
12 mm
Time for Closing/Opening:
0,5 s
Clamping force:
> 5 N with 14 V DC operating supply voltage
Connecting cable:
LiYDY 9 x 0,14 mm² with isolation, 3,5 m
Operating temperature:
-25 °C to +60 °C
Environmental class:
IP protection class:
Measure Housing (L x W x H):
175 x 20 x 2 mm

Warranty : 36 Months

Scope Of Delivery : Electromechanical Locking Device, Drilling Template, Counterparts, Screws, Magnet



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