The "Highly Efficient Lowpower Intelligent Handle" (HELIH® for short term) is a handle for windows and French doors. The HELIH® is designed for integration into KNX installations. The integration into KNX is done via the connection to the ISE KNX RF Multi Media Coupler.

Due to the integration of numerous sensors, many communication objects are provided, which allow a fully comprehensive window and handle status monitoring. In addition, an electromechanical handle lock with bolt feedback is implemented. Via the optional connection of a glass break detector, window glass monitoring is possible. No additional battery is required for this, the evaluation is carried out via the HELIH®. Furthermore, various switching functions allow the implementation of many scenarios in the areas of security, energy, comfort and damage prevention. An RGB LED and a capacitive touch field allow a modern and intuitive use.

The HELIH® can be attached to most standard windows. The distance of mounting holes is standardized 43mm (DIN 18267). It is suitable for both side hung and tilt and turn windows. The very small flat magnet for window condition monitoring can be glued or screwed into the window profile in most cases. Alternatively, a magnet switch housing is available for surface mounting of the magnet.

  • Window condition monitoring
  • Handle condition monitoring
  • Electromechanical handle lock with feedback
  • Preventive, early burglary detection
  • Tamper detection
  • Glass breakage detector
  • Cold and heat warning
  • Automation and smart home functions
  • Convenient and intuitive handling
  • KNX certification pending

Product Video

The HELIH® KNX is a highly innovative and intelligent security and automation radio window handle for windows and French doors in KNX building management. Watch the video to find out more about the product's functions and unique selling points.

Product overview

Art.Nr.DescriptionColor Undiscounted sales price / piece Availability
106010.0 HELIH® KNX Security and Automation Radio Window Handle RAL 9003 198.00 EUR
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Product Data

KNX-RF Multi radio communication:
868.3 MHz, 868.95 MHz, 869.85 MHz, 869.525 MHz
Battery life:
approx. 2 years
Bolt diameter:
9 mm
Bolt locking length:
6 mm
Closing/opening time without load:
0.8 s
Closing/retracting force:
2 N
Operating temperature / storage temperature:
0°C ... +60°C / -20°C ... +70°C
Protection class:
IP67 when mounted
Housing dimensions:
183 x 36.6 x 65 mm
Weight without magnet:
approx. 690 g
Free field range:
approx. 160 m
Material bolt and locking mechanics:
Stainless steel 1.4305
Material housing:
Available colors:
RAL 9003

Warranty : 36 Months

Scope Of Delivery : 2 mounting screws (M5x45 / ISO 7046 / A2), 2 self-tapping screws (ST2.2x9.5 / ISO 14586 / A2), 1 magnet (35x4x8 mm) for the window opening contact, 1 surface mount housing for the magnet, 1 x ½ AA LiSOCl2 battery, 1 installation manual.

Information : We are granting a special discount for the market launch until 30 June 2025. Please do not hesitate to contact us for this opportunity.



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