New type of bolt switching contact with the company Telenot

Subsequent adjustments made easy.


The aim was to develop a small and easy-to-install bolt switch contact for monitoring the locking of doors, with functions that set it apart from known competitor products on the market.


A bolt switching contact was developed that has several unique selling points. Above all, the simple adjustability of the switching point in the installed state and the variably shortenable lever extension should be mentioned. This makes the bolt switching contact suitable for most bolt sizes, lengths and positions.



March 2012
Project start and definition of requirements

Through intensive discussions with our project partner Telenot, weaknesses of existing products were identified and the requirements for the new bolt switching contact were recorded in a specification sheet.

November 2012
Start, design and component selection

When product development begins, suitable components are selected and various possible designs are created on the computer. After a certain degree of certainty for the implementation, the first functional models are built from "printed" parts.

June 2013
Measurements, function tests and optimisations

Measurements and tests are carried out with the first functional samples. Based on the results, requirements are refined and materials are selected. In addition, mechanical and electronic optimisations take place. Due to the technological uniqueness, a patent is successfully applied for and granted.

May 2014
Completion, certifications and market launch

If the measurements and tests confirm the requirements, designs are then finalised. Tools are ordered and the first prototypes are produced, i.e. near-series products are manufactured. Final measurements are taken with these products. At the same time, VdS certification is carried out, the brand name is protected and the procurement of parts for the first series begins. The RK-Lever has been manufactured in since mid-2014. Steadily increasing numbers of units confirm the unique selling proposition of the product.

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