About BSS

The success story of today's BSS started at the beginning of 1970 with the founding of EAK Electronic Alarm Kromer GmbH.

The founders name was Mr. Jochen Kromer; he was one of the key stakeholders of the business as he furhter developed locking and blocking devices. BSS with it's headquarter in Radolfzell, Lake Constance was founded in September 2010 as a successor of EAK.

Our employees have up to 25 years of professional experience in the fields of production as well as research & development of high quality security components. Manufacturers as well as installers perceive us as a reliable partner.

The present time is marked by rapid change. However, the pursuit of our core competencies in the fields of electromechanical locking devices, switches and detectors provide a safe and sustainable basis of our corporate success. We have been growing continuously with our high quality products. Through these products we are well known and recognised in the security market and with these products we step into the future.

Vision & Mission Statement

Without a goal - no motivation. If somebody does not know why she/he is doing something, she/he will do it poorly or not at all.

Our visions and ideals are visible and accessible for our employees and business partners. They are communicated and discussed with them. Thus, we create a basis for continuous improvement of our internal business processes and external customers and supplier relationships.

You communicate your needs and we respond individually and fast. Transparency and communication are some of our core values.

We handle your requests with open minded, easy and reliable project teams, which are highly flexible and are able to adapt according to your needs.

Working together only makes sense if you as our customer experience noticeable benefit. This is why we like to surprise you with unexpected service and to deliver above your expectations.

Short distances, flat hierarchies, fast response and superior product quality are convincing arguments. We share your enthusiasm for new innovative products, research and development. New technologies and challenges drive us.As in the past, we will convince you with innovative and practical solutions in future, to justify our reputation as a trusted partner for long-term cooperations.

Production and R&D


BSS products are exclusively produced in Germany and are subject to periodic testing and measurement procedures during the entire manufacturing process. For production we only use materials that meet our high quality standards.

The development of existing security components is essential for BSS in order to be able to exist, sustain and have long-term success in the security industry. A part of our capacity is thus devoted to the development of existing components. We obtain the feedback from partners and customers and put it in further developments in order to ensure that we always meet customer expectations.

Our Quality Standards

Audited and Certified

Both, we and our customers have high quality standards.

For us, the high quality and reliability of our products is a condition for long-term business success. In order to meet these requirements, our products are subject to a series of quality control procedures.

The quality management of BSS is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001. Therefore, existing quality management standards are met. Regular reviews by the organisation VdS Schadensverhütung GmbH (Quality Control Organisation) ensure sustainability of the compliance with the required quality standards.

Products manufactured by BSS predominantly are recognised by the VdS Schadensverhütung GmbH. By this, security and trust in our products are certified.


Currently, we don't have any vacancies. If you have any questions to our company please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Anita Sacco, Phone Number +49 7732 98279-0.


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